About Lauren Nowicki

My name is Lauren Nowicki and I am a 2017 graduate of Chapman University where I studied Television and Broadcast Journalism with an emphasis in Broadcast and minored in Political Science.

While my mother always thought I would pursue a career in math or science, it was no surprise to her that I had a passion for the news and wanted to pursue that in college. As a child, I loved finding out new information and standing in front of our fire place giving news reports on everything I heard from what I learned in school to the weather forecast.

Growing up, I loved coming home and watching the news with my mom and in the sixth grade, coming home to Breaking News changed my family’s life. My father was a Sheriff for Los Angeles County and was on the phone with my mom telling her what squad car he was hiding behind during a shooting in Hawaiian Gardens while we watched from the local news helicopters on TV. Those few hours were extremely stressful for all of us and I am thankful to still have my father with me here today but being able to rely on the news and watch over my father made my passion to do just that even stronger. He retired from the department soon after and began to pursue his law degree which has taught me to keep fighting for what I believe in and to never give up my dreams.

Going into my first year at Chapman, my main focus was was to learn how to be the best reporter I could possibly be. It is now over four years later and I have learned so much more and been exposed to countless other career opportunities. My passion no longer lies in just reporting information but the production, research, shooting, and editing of it as well. I have grown to realize that the same passion I have for reporting the news stems from the love I had for math and science while growing up; the ability to learn and research a topic and share it with the world. In my career, I hope to be able to share my passion with the world each day and keep others informed on a variety of different topics in order to benefit those around me.


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